Being an international society with an active membership, AOGS is a fast-growing society that rapidly engages the geophysical science community through our publication of the AOGS journal, Geoscience Letters; and the development of close connections with other local and regional societies.

In the broad field of geophysical sciences, AOGS is presently participative in 8 specific sections (namely Atmospheric Sciences, Biogeosciences, Hydrological Sciences, Interdisciplinary Geosciences, Ocean Sciences, Planetary Sciences, Solar and Terrestrial Sciences and Solid Earth Sciences) where we aim to serve as a platform; extending the opportunity for various like-minded individuals to communicate and engage each another via our conferences and membership privileges.

Benefits for being an AOGS Member:

  • Save nearly 30% in conference fees
    One of AOGS’s primary activities is its annual meeting, which comprises a scientific conference and an exhibition. Members are thus entitled to a special discount of nearly 30% (instead of the usual public rates) in attendance fees at AOGS annual meetings.
  • Enjoy AGU, EGU and JpGU member rates when attending their annual meetings
    On top of having a discounted rate for our AOGS conferences, members are also entitled to exclusive member rates whenever they attend the annual meetings organized by AGU and EGU.
  • Avenue to interact with fellow members and permitted access to view presented abstracts via AMOS (members only area)
    Along with exclusive member rates for conferences, an AOGS member is also permitted access to a “members only” platform (AMOS) where members are able to interact with other members, post and find jobs within the community. Presented abstracts from the past conferences are also eligible for viewing in AMOS.
  • Eligibility to receive APC (Article Processing Charge) support for publishing your accepted paper in “Geoscience Letters”, the AOGS Journal
    As stated above, one of AOGS’s engagements to the geophysical science community is via our publication of the AOGS international journal, Geoscience Letters. Members are therefore eligible to receive APC support if their papers are accepted for the publication.
  • Right to vote for President, Secretary General, Treasurer and Section Presidents (next General Election will be in 2021)
    AOGS values their members and above all else, values their opinions even more. Thus, each individual member will naturally be entitled with the rights to vote for any future AOGS Council members to come.