Management and Council

The administration of AOGS is entrusted to the Council comprising an Executive Committee, Section Presidents, the Assistant Secretary and the Assistant Treasurer.
AOGS Executive Committee comprises:

  • A President
  • A Vice-President
  • A Secretary General
  • A Treasurer

AOGS Sections

The formation of new Sections and the reorganization of Sections must be approved by the Council and ratified by an Annual General Meeting.

Each Section shall have its own Section President, Section Vice-President and one or more Section Secretaries.

Atmospheric Sciences (AS)
Small scale and local wind systems, air pollution, mesoscale processes, global wind systems, cyclones, weather forecasting, atmospheric chemistry, global climate and its change

Biogeosciences (BG)
Aspects of the interactions between the biological, chemical and physical processes in terrestrial or extra-terrestrial life with the geosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere as well as the role of humans therein. Examples of what BG covers include biogeochemistry, microbial and evolutionary biology, biogeophysics, paleoclimatology, planetary biology

Hydrological Sciences (HS)
Hydrometeorology, Surface Water Hydrology, Ground Water Hydrology, Water Resources Planning and Management, Hydroinformatics

Interdisciplinary Geosciences (IG)
All geoscience themes that cross disciplinary boundaries. For example: natural hazards, geoscience education & outreach, earth-atmosphere interaction, global environmental change, coastal processes, catchment processes, geoarchaeology, remote sensing, polar research

Ocean Sciences (OS)
Estuarine and coastal oceanography, ocean circulation, marine biogeochemistry, palaeoceanography, marine geology, and atmosphere-ocean coupling

Planetary Sciences (PS)
Interior, surface, magnetosphere, ionosphere, and upper atmosphere of solar system bodies other than earth

Solar and Terrestrial Sciences (ST)
Sun, interplanetary medium, heliosphere, the magnetosphere, ionosphere, and upper atmosphere of planet earth, space weather

Solid Earth Sciences (SE)
Geology, geodesy, geophysics, geochemistry