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21 May 2019

Axford & Distinguished Lectures

Axford Lectures | Section Distinguished Lectures

Axford Lectures

NASA Goddard Space Flight

"Magnetic Fields of the Gas Giants Jupiter and Saturn"

Philip Li-Fan LIU
National University of Singapore

"2018 Sulawesi Earthquake and Palu Tsunami"

Section Distinguished Lectures

AS | BG | HS | IG | OS | PS | ST | SE

Distinguished Lecture – AS

Zhe-Min TAN
Nanjing University

"Dynamics of Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change: External and Internal Influences"

Kamide Lecture – AS

Yen-Ting HWANG
National Taiwan University

"Local and Remote Control on Tropical Circulation and Precipitation under..."

Distinguished Lecture – BG

Minhan DAI
Xiamen University

"On the Interactive Eutrophication, Hypoxia and Ocean Acidification in the Coastal Ocean"

Kamide Lecture – BG

To Be Announced

Distinguished Lecture – HS

Venkataraman LAKSHMI
University of Virginia

"Observing the Terrestrial Water Cycle from Space"

Distinguished Lecture – IG

Nerilie ABRAM
Australia National University

"Tight Coupling of Tropical Indian and Pacific Climate Variability Through the Last Millennium"

Kamide Lecture – IG

National Central University

"Remote Sensing and GIS for Quantifying Eco-environmental and ..."

Distinguished Lecture – OS

Wenju CAI
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

"Response of El Niño/La Niña to Greenhouse Warming"

Distinguished Lecture – PS

Peter READ
University of Oxford

"The Turbulent Dynamics of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s Weather Layers: Order Out of Chaos?"

Kamide Lecture – PS

Jiwei XIE
Nanjing University

"Exoplanets: From Individual Discoveries to Population Census"

Distinguished Lecture – ST

Hanli LIU
National Center for Atmospheric Research

"The Power of the Powerless--The Significant Role of Mesoscale Processes in the Atmosphere"

Kamide Lecture – ST

Yang-Yi SUN
China University of Geosciences

"GNSS Helps Us Get Our Feet Back on the Ground from Ionosphere"