AOGS 17th Annual Meeting

28 Jun - 4 Jul 2020
Vivaldi Park Ski Resort, Hongcheon

AOGS Policies/FAQ


Abstract Submission & Registration
Who should pay for the abstract processing fee?
A processing fee of SGD35 applies for each submitted abstract. This amount must be paid at the time of abstract submission or the abstract will not be processed. The fee is non-refundable, regardless of the final status of the abstract (Accepted, Rejected or Withdrawn).

In case of a duplicate submission, i.e., same abstract is submitted more than once due to human error, a refund may be able to be arranged. Please inform the Secretariat to info@asiaoceania.org the Abstract IDs of the original and duplicate abstract.
What should I do if I am unable to pay the abstract processing fee online (e.g., no credit card)?
The payment of abstract processing fee may not be deferred or the abstract will not be processed. The fee is not waived under almost any circumstances and definitely not waived for withdrawn/rejected abstracts or for successful registration fee waiver applicants.

Payment by credit card (VISA/Master/Amex) or telegraphic transfer is acceptable.
For payment by telegraphic transfer, an administrative fee of SGD80 will be charged.
For authors who have failed attempts in paying by credit card online, you can
  1. Try a different card;
  2. If it still fails, please contact the Secretariat at info@asiaoceania.org to obtain a Credit Card Authorization Form. Fill in your credit card details and our accountant will try to process the payment for you.
Is there a limit number of abstracts for each author?
Abstract Submission Stage:
Each author can submit up to TWO abstracts under his/her own account (in such cases, you are recorded as the "submitting author" of the abstract). However, one can still be added as a co-author of as many as abstracts that are submitted by other authors. The "submitting author" is not necessarily the same as the first author, or the corresponding author, or the presenter.
Meeting Registration Stage:
It is expected that at least one author attends the meeting to present the accepted abstract. Each registration covers TWO presentations maximum. An additional registration fee of SGD350 applies for each abstract in excess of the TWO presentations/abstracts. At the time of registration, the author must indicate the abstract IDs that he/she is going to present. Abstracts that are not associated with any registration are considered NOT REGISTERED and risk being withdrawn.
What are the changes I can make after the abstract is submitted?
NOTE: Further processing of abstract is blocked until the abstract processing fee is paid.
  1. After you submit the abstract, you can still make changes before the submission deadline:
  2. Change abstract title
  3. Edit abstract content
  4. Change preferred presentation mode (Oral, Poster, Either)
  5. Add, remove, reorder authors
  6. Withdraw your abstract

If you need to move your abstract to a different session, you need to inform the conveners of the current session and the new session. Once the conveners have approved the request, please inform the Secretariat to info@asiaoceania.org to move your abstract to the new session.
Can I choose the preferred presentation mode (Oral/Poster)?
You can select your preferred presentation mode at the time of submission. After submission, you can still make changes to it before the submission deadline
  • Oral Presentation: Standard duration of 15 minutes; Invited speakers can be given a longer presentation time
  • Poster Display: The posters will be set up for display for a day; a quarter-day slot will be dedicated to poster viewing for each Section
  • Either: No preference
Presentation mode will be decided at the time of session scheduling Your choice will facilitate the schedule planning. Author’s preferred presentation mode is usually honored though not guaranteed to be satisfied. Conveners / Section Presidents will contact you if your preference cannot be met. In case discrepancies arise and you are not informed, please contact Conveners / Section Presidents directly for clarification.
Do I need to add ALL Co-authors into the system?
Important: All co-authors must be added to the system record. Unlisted authors will NOT appear in the Author Index.
  1. Every author needs a user account in MARS. The email addresses are used as unique identifiers of the users. All the users listed in the author list will be able to access his/her own abstract(s) after logging into MARS.
  2. You can add co-authors at the time of submission, or after the abstract is submitted:
    • At the time of submission: click "My Abstracts" -> click "Submit New Abstract"
    • After the abstract is submitted: click "My Abstracts" -> click the Abstract ID -> Scroll to the Section "Author Details"
  3. Add co-author by filling in his/her email address and click "Search" at the bottom of the page. The system will search for the person by email.
  4. If the person already has a user account, the system will display the user information. Click "Add This User" and the user will be added to the author list.
  5. If the person does not have a user account yet, the system will prompt you a form to fill in the personal particulars. After you submit the form, a new user account is automatically created and the user is added to the author list. An email will be sent to the user with details of the account.

    Note: You will not be able to change the particulars of a co-author as the information is tied to the co-author's user profile. To edit a particular author's information (e.g., organization), one needs to log into his/her user account and make the changes under "My Profile". If you spot an error in a co-author's information but you are unable to obtain access information from him/her, please inform the Secretariat to info@asiaoceania.org to make the changes.
I have paid the abstract processing fee. Do I still need to register?
Having paid the abstract processing fee does NOT mean that the abstract is registered. It does NOT mean that the abstract will be published, either.
  • Abstract Processing Fee applies to every abstract submitted regardless its final status (Accepted, Rejected, or Withdrawn). It is NOT an abstract publication fee.
Registration is the process that an author indicates that he/she will attend the conference and specifies which abstracts he/she is going to present.
  • Registration Fee applies to every participant who will attend the conference (Exceptions: successful applicants of the registration fee waiver).
  • At the time of registration, the author must indicate the abstract IDs that he/she is going to present. Abstracts that are not associated with any registration are considered NOT REGISTERED and risk being withdrawn.