AOGS 17th Annual Meeting

28 Jun - 4 Jul 2020
Vivaldi Park Ski Resort, Hongcheon

2020 Social Highlights & Technical Tours
(See also Program Overview)

We are still finalizing these activities but the main ones are below.

  • Social Highlights Aimed at Promoting face-to-face Interaction EVERYONE IS INVITED!
    Food and Beverage will be provided free of charge
    This is where you can meet people, share ideas and have a little fun
    • Mon-29 Jun, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
      “Chimaek Party at Cosmo Lawn”
    • Tue-30 Jun, 12:30pm to 1:30pm
      Section Meetings/Networking Lunch
    • Tue-Thu, 30 Jun to 02 Jul
      Daily from 5pm to 7pm
      Best Korean Drinks Hour
    • Fri-03 Jul, 6pm to 7pm
      Farewell Reception
  • By Invitation Only (Requires Advance Booking)
    • Student Volunteer Night
      Wed-01 Jul, 7pm to 9pm
      Dinner at Chuncheon Myeongdong Dakgalbi Street
    • Convener’s Dinner
      Thu-02 Jul, 7pm to 9pm
      Korean BBQ @ Sigol Jangteo
  • Field Trips - Terms & Conditions Please Read!
    Requires Advance Booking (Opens 20 Feb 2020)

    These are One-Day Visits for Exploring Scientific Landmarks
    Program Details (To Be Announced)

    • Tue-30 Jun “Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul
    • Wed-01 Jul “DMZ & Hantangang Geological Park"
    • Thu-02 Jul “Seoul Museum of History"
    • Fri-03 Jul “Famous Cave in Gangwon"

    Field Trips - Terms & Conditions
    Only AOGS2020 conference participants are eligible to participate Please complete your conference registration early (Opens 20 Feb 2020)
    • Confirmation of participation is subjected to payment being received You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of your payment
    • There will be no refund for cancellation/withdrawal by registrants. If there is a lack of numbers, the field trip will be cancelled. Conference will refund the paid fee.
    • Please note that insurance is not included in the visits and participants are responsible for their own insurance.
    • Participants on field trips/tours agree to indemnify AOGS against any claims as arising from injury or loss sustained during the outings.

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Korean Society of Earth and Exploration Geophysicists
The Geological Society of Korea
The Korean Society of Oceanography
Korean Meteorological Society
Korean Society of Atmospheric Environment
The Korean Space Science Society
The Korean Astronomical Society
The Korean Society of Economic and Environmental Geology
The Korean Society of Remote Sensing
The Korean Association of Geographic
Information Studies