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USS Arizona Memorial

Located 3,000 miles from the West Coast of America and 4,000 miles from Japan, Pearl Harbour serves as a central gathering place for the WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument: the USS Arizona Memorial, the USS Oklahoma Memorial, the USS Utah Memorial, and parts of Ford Island and Battleship Row.

Drawing more than 1.8 million visitors each year from all over the world, the USS Arizona Memorial is a popular sight for all individuals coming to Hawaii.

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Pearl Harbour

Headquarters of the Pacific Fleet, and a National Historic Landmark that's home to four unique attractions, Pearl Harbour currently still remains as an active military base. The four historic sites within Pearl Harbour depicts the story of the War in the Pacific and commemorates the accomplishments of the previous generation.

Called Pu'uloa, meaning "long hill," or Wai Momi, literally, "water of pearl," by early Hawaiians, Pearl Harbour is the largest natural harbour in the State of Hawaii. It’s name was derived from the abundance of pearls once found within its protected water.

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Diamond Head State Monument

Offering breath-taking views overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Honolulu, the view on Diamond Head is so good that it was used by the US military as a post for preventing attacks against Honolulu.

While the hike isn’t that long in terms of distance, the ascent that takes you to the edge of a 300,000 year old crater can be somewhat challenging. Parts of the trail are over uneven rock, and the 99 steps near the end of the hike are steep. It is recommended for you to bring a water bottle as the only water fountains are at the beginning of the trail.

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Makapuu Lighthouse Trail

The second most popular of all the Oahu hiking trails (the first being the Diamond Head Hike), the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail leads you to stunning views overlooking Makapuu Beach, Koko Head, the windward coast, and Molokai & Lanai neighboring islands. The trail is moderately easy and is definitely worth the hike!

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Manoa Falls

Easily accessible from Waikiki via the city bus or car, the Manoa Falls trail is a relatively easy 45-min walk up the mountain. The entire trail is about 1.6 miles (2.6 km) out and back and what awaits you end the end of the trail is a 150 foot (46m) waterfall. The waterfall is usually bigger after a rainfall and hardly more than a small dribble during dry and hot summer months.

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