AOGS Axford Medal Award Recipient

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2010 - 2011
Professor Wing-Huen Ip

National Central University

The Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) is honored this year to pay tribute to Professor Wing-Huen Ip and his achievements by conferring upon him the accolade of the Axford Medal. Professor Ip is an accomplished scientist and a reputable member of the faculty at the Graduate Institute of Astronomy, National Central University (NCU).

As a world renowned astronomer specializing in cometary physics; solar system plasma physics; solar system origin and planet formation; planetary atmospheres and exospheric systems - Professor Ip has shared the wealth of his expertise and depth of his experience through numerous scholar publications and pivotal participation at various scientific conferences over the years of his stellar career.

Among his many distinctions received, Professor Ip was awarded respectively with the NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal in June 2009 as recognition of his invaluable initiation and distinguished contributions to the Cassini-Huygens Mission, a joint NASA/ESA/ASI space mission appointed to explore the Saturn system.

Professor Ip was established as the chief scientist at Taiwan's National Space Organization in 1991. He had observed, "A society has to invest in scientific research in the hope of sustainable development, giving scientists a chance to fulfil their missions and overcome the challenges, so that a country could become more competitive in creativity."

Further to his academic merits and professional milestones, he is actively mentoring the first generation of planetary scientists in Taiwan, leading with the foresight to add contributions nationally as well as internationally. "Everyone has dreams but realizing them is most important," imparted Professor Ip.

In line with the vision of helping to fulfil aspiring dreams of the astronomical and planetary science communities, Professor Ip is also presently heading the prestigious project to build the Lulin Two-meter Telescope at Lulin Observatory located within Yushan National Park in central Taiwan. Upon completion of this instrument, he will have affirmed another cornerstone to enable more projects from Taiwan and heighten global efforts. Professor Ip has long played an integral role in forging collaborations and partnerships between scientific agencies and bodies for successful advancement in geosciences.

It is our privilege that Professor Ip participated significantly as a founding member during the inception of AOGS. He was subsequently elected to the post of AOGS President, for which he held office from 2002 to 2006, and currently remains noted as having served the longest term in the capacity of the esteemed position. Following his illustrious tenure, he has continued to render considerable support to AOGS in the interest of enhancing the society's outreach in the geosciences field at a regional level and beyond.

It is with great appreciation and pleasure that we hereby congratulate Professor Ip as the Axford Medal Award recipient in 2011.