Geoscience Challenge
School Talks & Workshops
AOGS-EGU NatHazards Conference
AOGS Satellite Meetings


Aim is for relationship building and to encourage interaction with the AOGS community in a fun way.
It is also where seasoned members of the geoscience community share knowledge and information.

Every Month on Tuesday [1.5 hours Per Session]
4pm to 5:30pm Singapore Standard Time, 8am to 9:30am Greenwich Meridian Time
Win Prizes Monthly; Top Scorer Wins Grand Prize!

Date Theme Pick Your Session!
23 Feb 2021 About AOGS Closed
23 Mar 2021 How to get your papers published in Geoscience Letters (AOGS Journal) Closed
27 Apr 2021 2022 AOGS Annual Meeting in Melbourne Closed
25 May 2021 2021 AOGS Annual Meeting – Stay Safe & Go Virtual Closed
29 Jun 2021 Seasoned Expert: Knowledge & Experience Sharing Closed
06 Aug 2021 AOGS Meeting Destinations Closed


Such learning activities are a regular practice at every AOGS Annual Meeting with co-organizer roles played out by geoscience faculty, local and abroad.

School Talks/Workshops/Public Lectures

These can be hosted at school campus or the venue where the AOGS annual meeting is being held. The speakers are always volunteer experts in their fields and mostly presenters attending the annual meeting. The Earth Observatory of Singapore and NASA are key contributors to these learning activities.

Geoscience Challenge

Aims & Awards
To give students the experience of conducting an investigative geoscience project and provide students with a platform to exhibit and share their findings with others.

Certificate of participation will be presented to all submitted research plans or reports. Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit awards will be presented to deserving projects.

Students are allowed to submit projects in or related to all AOGS geoscience disciplines

Atmospheric Sciences (AS)
Biogeosciences (BG)
Hydrological Sciences (HS)
Interdisciplinary Geosciences (IG)
Ocean Sciences (OS)
Planetary Sciences (PS)
Solar & Terrestrial Sciences (ST)
Solid Earth Sciences (SE)

Students are encouraged to be creative in designing their research projects using available resources. There are 2 categories: Middle School (ages 11 - 13), High School (ages 14 - 18)


  1. The official language is English
  2. All entries must be investigative geoscience projects involving experimentation and/or data collection.
  3. Each project group can have 1 to 3 members.
  4. Each school is permitted to submit up to 5 projects each.
  5. Each student may only join 1 project group.
  6. The participants must work on the project themselves. Teachers can only provide guidance and advice.
  7. No experiments on mammals (e.g. mice or humans) are permitted.
  8. Current Geoscience Challenge participation fee is SGD75/- per entry but may vary in select cases.


AOGS-EGU Joint Conference on New Dimensions for Natural Hazards in Asia

Jointly organized with the European Geosciences Union, this is a conference series. The joint conference is held once every two years in a location that bring together in one place, original research and people at the heart of the issues.

List of Meetings
NatHazards2021Virtual Conference

AOGS recognizes the need for international collaboration and welcomes more of such co-operation with also other regional and international geoscience societies and unions.

Contact us for a discussion
Email AOGS Secretariat to: admin@asiaoceania.org
Email AOGS Leadership to: https://www.asiaoceania.org/society/public.asp?page=office_bearers_2020-2021.asp

AOGS Satellite Meetings

Organized among members of the AOGS Regional Advisory Committee and Section Presidents for collective impact in ASEAN and India region.

RAC Meetings

AOGS-RAC Satellite Meetings – Rules for Organizer

  1. Minimum requirement is 2 organizers per workshop.
    ONE Regional Advisory Committee Member and ONE AOGS Section President or the Section President’s Designate
  2. The organizer/co-organizer cannot be a workshop speaker
  3. Minimum workshop duration is one day, and maximum is two days
  4. All local expenses are the responsibility of the workshop organizer
  5. AOGS financial support is for One Invited Speaker per day and up to Two Invited Speakers per workshop; maximum according to AOGS policy.
  6. Every participant needs register and pay a fee to attend the workshop; at a rate to be determined by the workshop organizer.
  7. The workshop organizer shall return at least 40% of registration fees to AOGS.
  8. Paid registrants are entitled to AOGS membership
    (See benefits here: https://www.asiaoceania.org/society/public.asp?page=benefits.asp).
  9. The list of paid registrants and their contacts must be submitted at the end of the workshop in order to be added to the AOGS membership register.

AOGS-RAC Satellite Meeting – Submit Proposal

  1. Read carefully the rules/requirements here
  2. You will need your user account to log on to the ASM (AOGS Satellite Meetings) portal
    • Existing MARS users may use the same email/password
    • First time users, please sign up for a user account here
  3. Click “Submit Meeting Proposal” on the left menu and complete the online form
  4. You can modify, resubmit your proposal anytime but it must be before the review.
    After log-in on the ASM portal (with your email and password)
    • Click on “My Meeting Proposals”
    • Click on “Meeting Proposal ID” to view and edit your submission
  5. Its acceptance is subject to review and approval by the Chair of the AOGS Regional Advisory Committee.
  6. The time limit for review and approval is usually 30 days after receiving the proposal.