AOGS Fellows

(Year Instituted: 2021)

for recognizing sustained contribution to geosciences
especially within the Asia Oceania region

An AOGS Fellow is expected to provide strategic advice to AOGS (which could include support on sub-committees and/or editorial roles); advance integrity and international and interdisciplinary collaboration in the geosciences (especially within the Asia Oceania region), should be made clear to nominees and acknowledged in the nomination materials.

How to Nominate?

Nomination Package should be submitted when complete via MARS.
See point 5 below for requirements.

2024 Award Nomination: Opens 17 Oct 2023; Closes 09 Jan 2024
Please submit your nominations by 09 Jan 2024 in MARS:

Important Information

  1. If the Council awards a AOGS Fellow then it will be conferred at an Annual General Meeting of AOGS. Calls for nominations for the AOGS Fellows award should be announced at least 9 months before the next AOGS Annual General Meeting.
  2. Committee Structure for Evaluating Nominations
    2.1 Section Committee undertaking initial screening and ranking of nominations from their disciplinary area.
    2.2 Award Committee scrutinises and makes recommendations
    2.3 Council receives recommendations at least 3 months prior to the next AOGS Annual General Meeting, for consideration and approval.
  3. Eligibility
    3.1 Self-nomination is not allowed
    3.2 Council members and members of Award Committee/Fellowship Taskforce cannot be nominated. The cooling off period is one year before former members of the committee/panel could be nominated.
    3.3 Nominators will be required to declare any working relationship with the nominee (e.g. Deans, Department Heads, Research Collaborators).
  4. Criteria and Qualification
    4.1 An active AOGS member and has attended at least 3 AOGS annual meetings in past 10 years.
    4.2 The AOGS Fellows program recognizes sustained contribution to geosciences and can also be awarded for a specific breakthrough, innovation or leadership role in geosciences.
    4.3 It is implicit that the fellowship is recognition of career contributions and suitable for mid-or senior-career scientists.
  5. Nomination Package should be submitted when complete via MARS and need include:
    5.1 Nomination form completed by main nominator
    5.2 CV of nominee; approximately 2 pages of length and include the nominee’s degrees, employment, honours, memberships, and service to the community
    5.3 Nominee’s self-declaration form (Download Self-Declaration Form Here)
    5.4 Two (2) supporting reference letters from outside of the nominee’s home country
  6. Validity of Nomination The completed nomination package can be retained for 3 years so that candidates who are unsuccessful in initial application can be considered in two further rounds.