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AOGS Women’s Network Cell (AOGS-WNC)



At the 2019 AOGS conference, a group of women met to start the AOGS Women’s Network Cell (AOGS-WNC). They want to develop a group and are planning follow-up meetings at the AOGS 2022 virtual conference. Their basic premise is to improve participation of women at AOGS meetings, at all levels.

If you would like to be involved, please sign up HERE
Note, participation is open to all genders, not just women.
The Twitter link to follow is:

Podcast Series – Women Scientist Interviews

Free Webinars – Sign Up Here (From 15 Jul)

UN Sustainable Development Goals Action Video Contests

2021 UN Sustainable Development Goals Action Video Contest
Winners & Videos


To promote society consensus on geoscience contribution to achieving the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs)

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Contest Rules & Award:
  1. Aspiring AOGS-SDG Champions should:
    1. Provide contestant(s) particulars:
      • Name(s)
      • Affiliation(s)
      • Job title(s)/Vocation(s) e.g. student, teacher, etc.
      • Contact Email, Phone & Address

    2. Upload a video, lasting 3 to 5 minutes on YouTube and email AOGS the link to
      Your video title needs summarize the contents in the video and include its hash tags to the associated SDG goal(s). For example: “Electrical Resistivity surveys on groundwater resources in Taiwan. # SDG6, #SDG13, #SDG14”

  2. Contestants must
    1. Obtain all clearances related to the video submitted to AOGS.
    2. Consent to AOGS posting, broadcasting and re-distributing the video.
    3. Agree to avail the You Tube contents and links for a minimum period of one year from August 1st of 2021 to July 31st of 2022

  3. Key Dates
    18-Jul 2021 Contestants email AOGS all information in (1) to
    26-Jul 2021 AOGS posts panel reviewed and accepted video links on AOGS website

  4. AOGS Recognition
    • Certificate of Recognition
    • AOGS Souvenir Polo-T or Batik Bag
    • Exposure on AOGS websites and publicity materials