AOGS Axford Medal Award

2024 Jian LIN,
Southern University of Science and Technology
2023 John CHURCH,
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
2022 Minhan DAI,
Xiamen University
2021 Kuo-Fong MA,
Institute of Earth Sciences (IES), Academia Sinica,
Earthquake-Disaster and Risk Management (E-DREaM), National Central University
2020 Kenji SATAKE,
Earthquake Research Institute,
The University of Tokyo
2019 Andrew ROBERTS,
Australian National University
Earth Observatory of Singapore
2017 Dong-Kyou LEE,
Seoul National University
2016 Harsh K. GUPTA,
National Geophysical Research Institute
2015 Gary P. ZANK,
University of Alabama in Huntsville
2014 Jitendra Nath GOSWAMI,
Physical Research Laboratory (PRL)
2013 Yun-tai CHEN,
Institute of Geophysics,
China Earthquake Administration
2012 Yohsuke KAMIDE
2011 Wing-Huen IP,
National Central University
2010 Atsuhiro NISHIDA