AOGS Kamide Lecture Award Recipient

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2018-2019, Planetary Sciences
Dr Jiwei XIE


Dr Ji-Wei Xie is an associate Professor in the Astronomy Department at the Nanjing University. He was a Joint PhD student of Nanjing University and University of Florida, and obtained his PhD in 2011 on the topic of “Planet Formation and Dynamics in Binary Star Systems”. He further explored exoplanets and planet formation as a postdoc in University of Toronto from 2011 to 2013. After then, he came back to Nanjing University and joined the faculty in the School of Astronomy and Space Science. Recently, he is interested in combining the photometric (e.g., Kepler) and spectroscopic (e.g., LAMOST) observations to discover new exoplanets and to reveal their properties and formation clues.

"Exoplanets: From Individual Discoveries to Population Census"

Since the first exoplanet discovered in 1990s, over 3900 exoplanets have been found so far. People are not satisfied with simply increasing this discovery number by finding more exoplanets, but have become more interested in the statistical characteristics of exoplanets. How are they classified? What are the properties of different planet populations? What if they are compared to our solar system? What can we learn about the formation history from the discovered exoplanets? Exoplanet population census is a key towards the answers of these questions.