AOGS Fellows

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2023 AOGS Fellows

The Atmosphere and Oceanography Institute,
The University of Tokyo

Born in 1952. Graduated from University of Tokyo. Got Doctor of Science in 1989. Worked for Meteorological Research Institute in Japan Meteorological Agency, 1980-2010. Research Assistant of Department of Meteorology, University of Hawaii, 1982-1984. Visiting Researcher at National Aeronautics and Space Administration/Goddard Space Flight Center, 1987-1988. Visiting Researcher at National Center for Atmospheric Research, 1996, 1997. Principal Investigator of Tropical Meteorological Rainfall Measurement (TRMM) Project Scientist in Japan, 2000-2010. Chair of the THORPEX Asian Regional Committee, 2003-2010. Member of the ESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee/Expert Team on Assessment on Impacts of Climate Change on Tropical Cyclone Frequency and Intensity in the Typhoon Committee Region, 2009. Division Chief at the World Meteorological Organization, 2010-2014. AOGS Section President of the Atmospheric Sciences, 2014-2016. Director of the WMO Seasonal to Sub-seasonal Prediction Coordination Office, 2015-2016. Guest Researcher at Meteorological Research Institute, 2017-2021. Editorial Support Staff of Meteorological Society of Japan, 2020-2021. Academic Support Staff of the Atmosphere and Oceanography Institute, The University of Tokyo, 2021-present. The 2nd Strategy Review Team for AOGS, 2021-present. Sub Programme Director of the Moon Shot Program No. 8 in Japan, 2022-present. Received Yamamoto Award in 1989 and Fujiwhara Award in 2016 from the Meteorological Society of Japan. Members of Meteorological Society of Japan, Japan Geoscience Union, American Geophysical Union, and AOGS. Participated in the atmospheric field experiments, TOGA-COARE in 1992-1993, THORPEX Pacific Asian Research Campaign in 2008. Discovered super cloud cluster under MJO in 1986. Major in Tropical Meteorology.