UN Sustainable Development Goals Action Video Contests


To promote society consensus on geoscience contribution to achieving the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs)

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Contest Rules & Award:
  1. Aspiring AOGS-SDG Champions should:
    1. Create an account in MARS: https://meetmatt-svr.net/
    2. Provide contestant(s) particulars:
      • Name(s)
      • Affiliation(s)
      • Job title(s)/Vocation(s) e.g. student, teacher, etc.
      • Contact Email, Phone & Address

    3. Upload a video, lasting 3 to 5 minutes on YouTube and email AOGS the link to info@asiaoceania.org
      Your video title needs summarize the contents in the video and include its hash tags to the associated SDG goal(s). For example: “Electrical Resistivity surveys on groundwater resources in Taiwan. # SDG6, #SDG13, #SDG14”

  2. Contestants must
    1. Obtain all clearances related to the video submitted to AOGS.
    2. Consent to AOGS posting, broadcasting and re-distributing the video.
    3. Agree to avail the You Tube contents and links for a minimum period of one year from 01 December 2023 to 30 November 2024

  3. Key Dates
    01-Dec 2023 Contestants email AOGS all information in (1) to info@asiaoceania.org
    01-Aug 2024 AOGS posts panel reviewed and accepted video links on AOGS website

  4. Overall winner will receive
    1. Certificate of Recognition
    2. Exposure on AOGS websites and publicity materials