Regional Advisory Committee

AOGS RAC Info E-booklet

The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) is established to further fulfil the AOGS vision “In Asia for Asia and the World”. RAC members are AOGS Advocates who:

  • Promote and advise on the allocation of resources and services that will support geosciences research and scholarships in their home countries
  • Provide community-based support in planning and promoting AOGS strategic master plan and processes

RAC Mission is to develop AOGS into the largest non-profit, geoscience networking group in Asia and their main goals are to

  • Enhance membership and participation from the geoscientists in ASEAN and India
  • Promote multi-lateral academic interaction among various research labs
  • Identify opportunities that address diversity, equity and inclusion

2019 - 2020


Wing-Huen IP

National Central University

Members/Region Representatives


Philippine Nuclear Research Institute and University of the Philippines

Jean-Pierre BARRIOT

University of French Polynesia

Punyasloke BHADURY

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata

Yue-Gau CHEN

National Taiwan University

Jitendra Nath GOSWAMI

Physical Research Laboratory

Kazuhisa GOTO

Tohoku University

Jiansen HE

Peking University

Fajar Adi KUSUMO

Universitas Gadjah Madah


Chulalongkorn University

Tang-Huang LIN

National Central University


Meteorological Institute of Japan

Van-Thanh-Van NGUYEN

McGill University

Srivatsan V RAGHAVAN

National University of Singapore

Zamri Zainal ABIDIN

University of Malaya