Best Student Poster

Congratulations to the winners of the AOGS2017 Best Student Poster Competition!

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Atmospheric Sciences (AS)

Ruyan CHEN
Tsinghua University
AS11-38-D3-PM1-P-027 - On the Co-Occurrence of Wintertime Temperature Anomalies Over Eastern Asia and Eastern North America
Co-authored with:
Wenyu HUANG1, Bin WANG1,2, Zifan YANG1, Jonathon WRIGHT1, Wenqian MA1
1Tsinghua University
2Chinese Academy of Sciences

Alan LIM
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
AS18-D3-PM1-P-012 - Effects of Land-Use Change on Aerosols, Clouds and Climate
Co-authored with:
Amos TAI
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chih-Chi HU
National Taiwan University
AS10-D3-PM1-P-052 - Sensitivity Analysis of Tropical Cyclone Track and Intensity Based on Ensemble Forecasts
Co-authored with:
Chun-Chieh WU
National Taiwan University

Biogeosciences (BG)

Huijin SHI
Beijing Normal University
BG04-D3-PM1-P-019 - Dynamics of Soil Organic and Inorganic Carbon in Wheat-Maize Cropland of North China Plain
Co-authored with:
Xiujun WANG
Beijing Normal University
University of Maryland

Hydrological Sciences (HS)

Dongeon KIM
National University of Singapore
HS01-D2-PM1-P-023 - Innovative Applications of Satellite Data and Data Mining Techniques: Flood Risk Assessment
Co-authored with:
1National University of Singapore
2University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

Interdisciplinary Geosciences (IG)

Pengfei SI
Tsinghua University
IG26-D5-PM1-P-009 - A Non-Hydrostatic Model for Landslide-Generated Waves: Application to the Chehalis Lake Rock Avalanche, BC, Canada
Co-authored with:
Xiping YU
Tsinghua University

Ocean Sciences (OS)

Yifan DING
Beijing Normal University
OS11-D4-PM1-P-013 - Estimation of Annual Sea-Ice Production in the Terra Nova Bay Polynya Using AMSR-E Data
Co-authored with:
Beijing Normal University

Planetary Sciences (PS)

Takayoshi YAMADA
Tokyo Institute of Technology
PS04-D5-PM1-P-019 - Development of Radiative Transfer Simulation Including a Non-LTE Model for THz Observations of Ganymede's Atmosphere
Co-authored with:
Yasuko KASAI1, Ladislav REZAC2, Paul HARTOGH2, Naohiro YOSHIDA3
1National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
2Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
3Tokyo Institute of Technology

Solar & Terrestrial Sciences (ST)

Jiawei TAO
Peking University
ST02-D2-PM1-P-019 - Quiet-Time Suprathermal (~0.1-1.5 keV) Electrons in the Solar Wind
Co-authored with:
Linghua WANG1,2, Qiugang ZONG1, Gang LI3, Chadi SALEM2
Robert WIMMER-SCHWEINGRUBER4, Jiansen HE1, Chuanyi TU1, Stuart BALE2
1Peking University
2University of California, Berkeley
3The University of Alabama in Huntsville
4University of Kiel

Solar Earth Sciences (SE)

Nanyang Technological University
SE02-D4-PM1-P-009 - Tectonic and Geomorphic Setting of the Pamir Plateau: Insights from the Multi-Segment Rupture of the 2015 Mw 7.2 Darwas-Karakoram Earthquake
Co-authored with:
Sylvain BARBOT1, Shengji WEI1, Paul TAPPONNIER1, Wanpeng FENG2, Teng WANG1, Eric LINDSEY1
1Nanyang Technological University
2China Earthquake Administration